GeForce2 Go: Testimonials


"3D graphics has finally become the pervasive medium we've all imagined it would be. By combining NVIDIA's new GeForce2 Go mobile GPU with Cycore's leading edge e-business software, end users have a powerful notebook platform to present and experience enhanced, immersive 3D demonstrations."
Bengt Starke, CEO, Cycore

"As the 3D on the Web has evolved, users have grown increasingly accustomed to its compelling, immersive, satisfying information access. Yet, people still want more. As a result of our collaboration with NVIDIA, we are able to enhance 3D and offer a super-rich visual solution that turns the interactive experience from ordinary to extraordinary."
Bob Rice, president and CEO, Viewpoint

"Myst was originally conceived to be a fully immersive world. We built that world the best way possible with the technology available in 1993. Today fans of Myst can journey through realMYST, the real-time 3D experience that makes the world so much more immersive. And now with NVIDIA's GeForce2 Go, the experience doesn't tie you to a desktop. It's amazing to think that today we can provide the rich immersive experience of realMYST on notebook computers."
Rand Miller, founder, Cyan, Inc.

"With Colin McRae Rally 2 we have taken full advantage of NVIDIA's GeForce2 GPUs to create the most realistic racing experience on PC. It will be fantastic to have access to hardware transform and lighting in a notebook so people can play Colin McRae Rally 2 when on the move."
Richard Darling, creative director, Codemasters

"It's great to see that notebooks finally have the same graphical abilities as their desktop counterparts with NVIDIA's GeForce2 Go. Pac-Man: Adventures in Time can now use hardware transform and lighting, dynamic lighting, and other advanced features when being played on the train or at the airport instead of just in the office."
Ted Bailey, development director, Creative Asylum