Reviews & Editorials

Computer publications, online 'zines, gaming enthusiasts and everyday consumers are raving about products based on NVIDIA's RIVA TNT2 chip set. See what everyone has to say about this exciting product.

 Tom's Hardware Guide -- 3DNow! Enabled 3D Adaptors
"TNT2 is the best 3DNow!-performer in Direct3D, which is still the platform for the majority of 3D-games."

 Review Zone -- NVIDIA's TNT2
"The major advantage of the TNT2 boards over the TNT board here is 32-bit performance. In both single and multi-player modes, the TNT2 outscores the TNT (no big surprise) in 32-bit and in higher resolution modes. If 32-bit is important to you, and you want high res, the TNT2 is the best choice for you."

 Sharky Extreme -- Hercules Dynamite TNT2 Ultra Review
"The Hercules Dynamite TNT2 Ultra is the fastest video accelerator money can buy, both on the spec sheet and in real world applications." Score: 9 fins

 Gamespot -- Diamond Unleashes the TNT
"Gamers can have it all -- 60fps and 32-bit color."

 Sharky Extreme -- In-House nVIDIA Ultra TNT2 Preview
"The TNT2 has been 1998/9's most closely guarded secret in the industry, it's had absolutely zero press coverage, no press hype and not even a whiff of a press release."

 Cadalyst -- Graphics Card Rumble
"The Diamond Viper V770 Ultra turned in the best performance scores on this round of CADALYST Labs' 3D video card tests."

 Tom's Hardware Guide -- NVIDIA rocks the Boat with TNT2
"NVIDIAs upcoming RIVA TNT2 looked like a merely overhauled version of the well known RIVA TNT and although it was clear that TNT2 would be faster than TNT, still only few expected that TNT2 would be a particularly interesting product."

 Tweak 3D -- NVIDIA Ultra TNT2
"The TNT2 offers the best features on the market. From 32-bit rendering without a major performance hit to AGP 4X support to incredible image quality, the TNT2 is a great product across the charts." Score: 9.6