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National governments are constantly responding to cyber threats, security breaches, and data leakage—including civilian agencies, defense, and the intelligence community.

Legacy virtualization solutions have been limited to corporate tasks, and didn’t live up to the hype for mission applications. Additionally, non-optimized, unsupported, and underperforming virtualization deployments introduced risk, soured user experiences due to poor performance, and jeopardized missions.

In response, numerous federal agencies now rely on graphics-accelerated virtualization—powered by NVIDIA GRIDTM—to give users a fast, powerful, secure way to streamline workflows.

Bohemia Interactive Virtualized Training and Simulation

Accelerated Virtualization for GIS

Geographic information systems (GIS) play a strategic role in everything from mission command to intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) to training area management and simulation. NVIDIA graphics acceleration boosts your GIS application performance by moving compute power to the cloud rather than local devices. With NVIDIA GRID, IT now has a fast, powerful, secure way to streamline workflows across the enterprise.

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The growing need to shift from stove piped training capabilities means military leaders are looking to the tech industry for ways to improve and unify their training systems architecture. High-velocity virtualized training shortens learning cycles by emulating what the information technology specialists will encounter on ships, submarines, and shore facilities and can be tailored to the unique configurations of each platform type.

Virtualizing the military training environment will cut costs by migrating to an enterprise virtual environment, made more cost effective through the virtualization of technical training equipment.

How Virtual Computing is Advancing Troop Training
Navy Virtualizes Schoolhouse Training


NVIDIA GRID technology works within your existing virtualization environment to deliver any application with enhanced performance and productivity.

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